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Media Coverage


Wall Street Journal (2024, April 27) Millions of American Kids Are Caregivers Now: ‘The Hardest Part Is That I’m Only 17’

Hetchinger Report (2023, January 9) Why the US must recognize and support caregiving youth


Forbes  (2021, February 17) If you teach children to be kind you get better results in class.


CNBC Make It (2022, February 11) Why manners matter: Top tips for raising kind kids.


Higher Ed Dive (2022, September 8) Over 1 in 20 students at a state flagship are caregivers, researchers found. They face these challenges.


Stanford University News (2021, November 29). How to calm a stressed kid? A one-minute video can help, according to Stanford researchers.


Greater Good Magazine (2022, January 7) How four deep breaths can calm kids down. 

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